What I need is what I want

“I am,” a documentary by director Tom Shadyac is a wonderful portrayal of self discovery, the search for IMG_6234_editedtruth. We are so frequently confined by the walls of what we think is our only reality, but the truth is that there are many worlds to live in if you can open your mind and see outside our societal confines. Money has exceeded its purpose, to represent goods and simplify trade. It has become its own entity of which more is always better. But why? Sharing wealth will always be more enjoyable and worthwhile than just owning wealth. Something better than a million dollars in the bank is using that money to support others who need it more and finding joy in enjoying life with those people you help. It is a direction I know I need to move toward and I will start making more deliberate steps today or it will never happen. Oh, how much there is to enjoy in this life. Sometimes I feel that I could stare at a leaf or candle forever, awed by its intricacy and beauty. Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than nature is the friendships and family we find in each other.This is what we all truly want and it is what we truly need.

Happy Fall everyone! It is a gray but beautiful New England day where I am. Please feel loved, because, you are. We are all people and we all deserve love and happiness. There is more than enough for everyone. If you read, please feel free to share some beauty or happiness you find in this fine day, however you want to convey it, writing, picture, or other. My moment of bliss this morning was reading under a window, listening to some rain patter outside and feeling a cool air fall over the window sill onto my head. What a beautiful moment.

Much love,

A worried but happy human.

PS – My articles are stills works in progress. I hope to write the final article, 7. The dream, a description of my personal dream of living a sustainable, social, happy life, as soon as possible. Until then, if you have a dream of your own, I would greatly enjoy if you would share. Thank you and be well.


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