If at first you don’t succeed, chai chai again


Last night, my roommate and I started to jot down a few of our numerous particular coffee recipes. which to date, we have kept available solely by memory. One of our newer inventions was a concentrated Chai formula to make Chai lattes. To be honest, the first batch was a bit too peppery, a little harsh for a nice morning beverage. But we gave it a chai, didn’t like it a latte, so we’ll chai again. Anyone else like a good pun in the morning? I hope to someday open my own coffee shop using sustainable energy and beans, a place of joy where anyone can come in, enjoy a nice coffee, tea, or pastry, and just sit and talk with our fellow man. Open dialog ALWAYS encouraged.

Well have a good day everyone. Go confidently in the direction of truth and happiness. Find you bliss, even if it is just a walk outside or a moment of silent meditation. Remember, it is only a scam that happiness costs money! Family, friends, nature, just life! Money can’t buy real wealth! You are amazing and loved. Be well.


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