Horrible Sanity


It is a bit unfortunate that the graduate students in my department are given high-walled cubicles with stationary desktop computers; unfortunate for me because I like seeing the outdoors and interacting with people, unfortunate for them because I consequently have been spending less and less time doing work in my cubicle! I have a few small postcards and pictures hung up around my cubicle which, amid hours of staring at thousands of lines of computer code, always make me crack a smile and remember what is really important. I study coastal oceans and I do enjoy it, but staring at computer screens for hours on end sometimes seems a bit insane. I will occasionally stand up, and being 6’4″, look over the top of my cubicle to see if anyone else is also standing up wondering what the heck they are doing in here on such a beautiful day! So far, just a flat plain over the top of all the other cubes. Maybe they are just too short.

IMG_20141006_141031IMG_20141006_141434 IMG_20141006_141447

My slightly zany decorations remind me though, I am NOT insane. It is insane to not enjoy life and adventures. I fully support fields of research which look to help make our planet more healthy, but it is important to give yourself the proper perspective to do so; enjoy this planet. Happy Monday everyone. If you can, get out for an adventure. Skip down the street, bike through down town, be a little off-center from the norm because quite often, the norm in insane.

Love and be loved.


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