Stop, for the sake of logic. It doesn’t have quite the same ring as the songs, but seriously, stop. Stop and don’t start again right away. Stop thinking about what you’re always thinking about. Stop doing what you always do. Just stop. It is hard. We are all busy doing “things” and if we are not, we are busy finding “things” to become busy doing. Put this here, then there. Write this and send it there. Migrate a new thing to there to update that thing ASAP before this and that lose half their those. We have so many darn “things” to do.

Well STOP! Find some time, and stop. Don’t do things and don’t think about things. And stop for a while. A few days or week might be optimal, but perhaps it is more likely you can afford an hour or two. So, take 2 hours, and stop. Don’t do it at your office and don’t’ do it in front of a television or computer screen. Preferably, do it a lone. Sit somewhere comfortable with nothing prepared to fill your time. Leave it open, wide open, and


Likely it will take you the first half hour or more to really stop. You have to consciously stop. When your mind says, “what are we doing?! There are important things to be done,”  ask it to stop. When you think about the errands you need to do or the credit card bill you need to pay, stop and put it out of mind. You can do it later. Stop and face the fact, it is ok to stop. If it helps, think about yourself. Think about your legs, you arms, your heart, your mind. Try not to think about how sore or tired they might be, just think about them, the blood flowing through them every second of every day. Stop and imagine the air you are inhaling, spreading out into your lungs and feeding you. Stop. It is hard, and it takes practice.

If you can manage to stop, enjoy it. As long as you can or want to. Just enjoy it. And once you feel more comfortable having stopped, you may begin to start. Don’t go. Stay where you are. Don’t move. If you can, try not to start worrying. Try not to start thinking about how to hop back into the jet stream of your normal life. Try to start at something more basic. Try to find basic meaning, something you can build from. It is important to do this by yourself or quietly with someone else you are comfortable with, out of the judging eyes of the world. What is important at a most basic level to you, just you. Hopefully you have food, safety, and the other life essentials, otherwise they are sure to take priority. If you don’t, get off this blog! Get off the computer! Otherwise, look at your life not in terms of the money in your bank account or the job you have. Look at yourself in terms of purpose and meaning. Look for both. Happiness? Where might it reside? I won’t give you answers because I don’t have them; they are very personal to you. But stop and look. Give yourself enough time. If you start to feel uncomfortable having stopped, give yourself some more time to fully accept you complacency in having stopped for a moment. And when you are fully at one with having stopped, allow yourself, when you are ready, to go. Ease back into real life. Run your errands, pay your credit card, etc. But while you are going, try to remember how it was when you stopped. Remember what you thought about, what seemed important. Has it changed, is it different now that you are going or is it just easier not to think about it? Try to take what you learned when you stopped and include in your life. Stop again, as necessary, to remind yourself of what you found when you stopped. If it all sounds silly, just give it a try anyways. 1 hour. Just give it one hour. No distractions. Don’t fall asleep. Just stop, wait, and take in where your brain takes you when you stop.

Please be well, follow your bliss and feel loved because you are.


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